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Playrope - IT'S MINE


The play rope “IT’S MINE” is a fun rope to play with for your dog. The funny text and neutral colors ensure that this also looks great in many interiors. This toy functions as a toy and partly as dental floss that keeps your dog's teeth clean and healthy in a playful way.

Please note: this toy may only be chewed to a limited extent because it is primarily intended for play.

Another advantage of a floss rope is that you can play with your dog with it.

It is okay if your dog eats a piece of cotton, this is removed naturally through the body.

The play rope “IT’S MINE” is made of cotton and vegetable tanned leather. This is safe for your dog to bite into. It is also free of chemicals and all our toys are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

The rope is 65 cm long.

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