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Dog cushion Dexter


The sleek look makes our Dexter cushion a real stylish eye-catcher in any interior. Also give your dog optimal comfort with our self-developed inner filling. And enjoy a beautiful design yourself thanks to the selected fabrics.

Cushion Dexter is available in a range of trendy and breathtaking colors, which are perfect for any interior style. The fabric has a light velvet finish with a shiny and clouded aspect which adds to the rich look. In addition to its appearance, this fabric is also known for its strength.

The laser-cut label is made of naturally tanned leather and adds a luxurious appearance. It's even possible to get your dogs name on the label.

In daily use, the high quality standards of LIVF become clearly visible. The fabric feels pleasantly soft, allowing your dog to relax. And because of the treatment that the fabric undergoes in the factory, it is easy to wipe with a damp cloth, but can also be washed at 30 degrees.

The cover can be easily removed by a large zipper on the bottom of the cushion.

All LIVF cushions, as well as our Dexter cushion, are designed so that your dog is as comfortable as possible. The filling developed for us also offers a heat-regulating function. This allows your dog to lie comfortably regardless of the temperature.

The filling consists of large flakes of a high-quality furniture foam with high restorative power, which remains elastic for a long time. In combination with EPS pearls that provide the heat insulating effect within the pillow.

Due to this elasticity, the cushion returns to its original shape, even after prolonged use. This way you do not have to tap the pillow every time and your dog can enjoy his new throne for a longer period of time.

This great eye catcher is available in 3 sizes. All with the same sublime quality.

Design: LIVF Design Team


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