The LIVF story starts at the end of 2019.

The couple behind LIVF; Maikel & Kelly live together in Culemborg with their two French Bulldogs Dexter & Stitch and a German Shepherd called Rico. Maikel has years of experience in his father's furniture company and Kelly has taken on a few sales jobs at several employers.

Together they started LIVF.

What makes LIVF different from other brands?

“We try to distinguish ourselves by combining quality, comfort and design,” says Maikel.

“We are owners who want the best for our dogs. And we have often encountered the fact that there are few really stylish products available. This gave rise to the idea to start LIVF. ”

The products are extensively tested in quality and comfort by Dexter, Stitch and Rico. And the dogs of acquaintances and friends. This allows them to perfect LIVF's products before they become available.

“It is nice to see that each dog has its own character. They have their own characteristics and preferences, which we try to include in the comfort and design, ”Kelly replies. “We wanted to offer a wide choice of materials, shapes and colors so that the products can easily be integrated into everyone's interior”.

Maikel & Kelly wanted a product that is completely Dutch. “It is important that no chemical raw materials are used for our products. The products must be safe and sustainable to use, ”says Kelly. “It also gives a good feeling to work with local entrepreneurs and to know where our materials come from”.

To this day they do the production all by themselves. Kelly can still be found behind the sewing machine every day and Maikel maintains close contact with all dealers and suppliers.

“I see a company as more than just the product they deliver and I hope to convey that feeling to our customers as well”, says Maikel.